Margaret Streitenberger, Author


I have journaled forever it seems. It helped to sort my feelings and ideas. It helped me focus a mind that constantly sought new experiences. I have read since I was a little girl and hid away with a good story…….avoiding the call to other tasks. Words excited my imagination and took me to places I couldn’t go physically.

Life and survival took me in many directions mostly with music or numbers. Journaling and reading always helped me personally to maintain my search for me and my ultimate development as a spiritual being.

Retiring from “numbers” I started a pet sitting business. I wrote Report Cards for the animals developing my “tongue in cheek” humor which was essentially a play with words which entertained the families of these pets. Using these, I made my first venture in putting a book together and with the help of a young artist friend, self -published my first full book using a local printer.

That’s how Tails and Tales was selected for the name of this website.  As the tattletale, I told stories about the tails. Many of my as yet unpublished works are stories about my best teachers who have been the pets who allowed me to share their home   .and the RV where we shared our adventures in our travel logs with friends.

I am also pursuing some goals for serious writing challenging all of us to pursue our dreams and become fully actualized humans.

Margaret Streitenberger, Author

Please join me in wishing Brian Kocher every success as he works through his rehabilitation program.  He has been a good friend to Tails and Tales, supporting us and printing many of our children's books through his business at Oswego Printing Company.

July 26-Join me for book readings at JJ Decada, 170 West 1st St., Oswego at 1pm and 2pm with stories focusing on water animals that may require releasing to the wild.

August 5- 3rd Annual Animal Event, 10:30 - 1pm at Ainsworth Memorial Library, 6064 S. Main St., Sandy Creek

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