Tails and Tales

Connie Evans has always loved and wanted to work with dogs, leading her to dog grooming to allow her to indulge her creative side, as well. She has owned Dayle's Dog Grooming in Fulton, NY since 1994. When Connie went to a local animal shelter to look for a dog, she was very disappointed in the conditions, finding that despite being clean and well fed, the animals didn't get any exercise, toys, or even bedding. This led her to want to make a difference. One of her adopted dogs is Charlotte, the subject of Connie's first book, Charlotte's Big Dream, a children's book with a big messages. Connie has since written or collaborated with Marjorie Wentworth on three other books.

Toni Lineberry describes herself as a simple wife and mom, who with her husband Daniel and young son Nathanael, lives a mobile life, exploring the beauty of what God has made and working along the way, trusting Jesus.  She presents her first book, Winky Dink Finds His Family,  based on a true episode from her life.  Growing up with her mom, who always volunteered to help homeless puppies and kittens at risk of being put down at the local shelter,she used her own money to buy ads in the newspaper and feed them until they could find a home. Even after the family came upon very hard times, her mom still worked to help out little strays far from home, even the little duckling they named Winky Dink.  Toni always cherished this experience and believed it would be a great story to share with other children.

Marjorie Wentworth has always been an animal lover, working early with local veterinarian Dr. Dimon, then in local kennels before attending the Lynn, MA Pedigree Professional School of Dog Grooming. She worked with local groomers for eight years before opening her own business and has owned and run Paws & Effect, a pet grooming and boarding business in Oswego for over 21 years. She works tirelessly supporting animal rescue, taking in dogs and cats that have been left behind, abandoned and lost. Her first book was The Ball and she has written or collaborated with Connie Evans on two additional books.


Diana *BunnyKissd* Bukowski has been blending her love of art with her love for animals since early childhood through drawing, painting, photography and sculpture. Whether drawing an intricately detailed illustration, creating fanciful works in watercolors or polymer clay, or capturing a moment of spontaneous playfulness in a photo, her goal is to find the magic and express it in a way that others can see too.  Diana illustrated Sue Rubin's book, Theodore.

I have had the pleasure of working with these talented individuals who  contributed to the success of Tails and Tales as an independent publishing service from 2010 to 2017.

Maggie Majlaton joined Tails and Tales as webmaster in 2010 and enjoys working with so many creative, talented and dedicated people. 

Susan Derych Rubin is a graduate from SUNY Oswego , where she completed both her undergraduate and graduate work and is presently enjoying life as a retired Postmaster. Sue currently resides with her family on a small farm in upstate New York, with numerous rescue cats and dogs, as well as chickens and horses.
Sue was privileged to love her dream dog, a black Newfoundland dog she named T’Bear (THE ADOREd bear) for many years.  Although he never was, nor aspired to be a “maildog”, he provided inspiration for Sue’s first book,Theodore.

Kayla Fisk has had a lifelong interest in art and animals and has brought the Winky Dink Finds His Family story to life with her gentle realism. She currently lives with her pets Naga the iguana, a few birds, and her cat Luna. Self- taught, she always is painting or drawing any chance she gets. Watercolors have become a new medium to work with and have quickly become the paint of choice. With dreams of making a living from her art and creations, she is constantly improving her skills and expanding her profile. This is Kayla’s debut in publishing, as well. Contact Kayla at k.fisk715@gmail.com

Jim Arnold has illustrated eight books published by Tails and Tales, LLC and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He was educated in the Fulton City School District and graduated from SUNY Oswego in 2006, a studio art major and psychology minor.  He has always enjoyed animation, illustration, and film. His heroes include Jim Henson, Bill Watterson, and Laurel and Hardy. His work is highly influenced by classic theatrical animated shorts from the early to mid 1900's. Jim can be reached at jimarnold83@gmail.com.